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She kneads his back in training rhythmic

What to wear

For training many clubs will allow gymnasts to wear leggings or shorts and a tight fitting top (others might require you to wear a leotard).

It's very important that the clothing is tight fitting, as this enables the coaches to see the gymnasts' body, to check technique and alignment. This also stops the apparatus getting caught in the fabric.


This ensure the gymnasts are not only performing the movements correctly but also to prevent injury. 

The Venturelli training tops we supply, are seamless to prevent rubbing, the fabric is breathable, taking sweat away from the skin and maintaining the gymnasts' body temperature, whilst also being flexible, colourful and stylish.

Leggings or Shorts, again tight fitting, are an essential part of any gymnasts' wardrobe.  

The leggings and shorts we supply are made of the best lightweight fabric, which are flexible (as nothing is more annoying to a Rhythmic Gymnast than being 'stopped' by your shorts!) and are cut to be stylish.

Knee pads.jpg

Rhythmic Gymnasts have to do many repetitions to ensure good performances, therefore invest a good pair of Toe Shoes and Knee Pads


Our Amaya Knee Pads, are double cushioned, to ensure comfort when practicing on the floor, to avoid bruising and carpet burns. 

Why not colour coordinate your training top, leg warmers and knee pads!!

Lastly, gymnasts often wear leg warmers whilst training or in competition. 

These have a dual function, to keep the muscles warm and therefore flexible during training.


Secondly, compression leg warmers can help increase blood flow and reduce aching muscles

double layer short and racer back
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