Amaya 6m Ribbon and Stick

Amaya 6m Ribbon and Stick

SKU: 330200

This is a Ribbon and Stick set.


Fantastic value ribbon and stick for beginner and novice gymnasts. 

Colours are fantastic and will brighten up your training. 


You are choosing the colour of the ribbon, the stick is white with a black rubber handle.


Anti-wrinkle special silk, extreamly light material which makes it perfect for making great shapes in the air and keeping control of your ribon.


6m Ribbon is generally for Senior Gymnasts (Aged 15yrs +) However they can be cut down to size. 


This ribbon and stick is perfect for club and home practice up and competitions up to Level 3 (UK). 6m Ribbon can be cut down to 5m (Junior) or 4m (Espoir) gymnasts so that you can have the colour and size you require.


Simply Measure, cut and hem.

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    Length: Ribbon 6m, Stick 60cm Weight: Ribbon 47.5 grams, Stick 32 grams
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