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Toe Shoes are essential for Rhythmic Gymnasts. They give the correct amount of grip to the carpet, whilst the gymnast is moving fast whilst at the same time enough 'slip' to be able to perform amazing pirouettes. 

Toe shoes come in a variety of different styles, colours and fabrics. Gymnasts chose to wear the ones that fit their feet and enhance their toe point to the maximum. Gymnasts usually wear toe shoes that match their skin tone.

To ensure you have the correct fit, but toe shoes according to the description and general shoe size. When standing as shown in the image, Toe Shoes should not gap at the back or sides. Elastics can be worn as shown in the image, or both around the heal. 

Look out for hard wearing toe shoes, as well as sofer 'mould' competition shoes to allow you to train and compete at your best.

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