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Amaya Knee Pads

Amaya Knee Pads

Professional Rhythmic Gymnastics knee pads.


Save your knees from bruising by using knee pads. Gymnasts use knee pads to protect their knees during the repetitions required to master skills. This sometimes leads to bruising, but by using knee pads your knees will be saved!


Knee pads are an essential training item as they can have many uses. Gymnasts use them on their ankles, knees, and shoulders to protect during rolls and acrobatic elements.


Often used under heals in over splits and chins in chest rolls during warm up.



XS (24-30cm), S (28-34cm), M (32 -38cm), L (36-42cm)


Why not get a coloured pair to match with your leg warmers and training top, so you look smart and elegant in training. Come as a pair. #Professional


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