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Amaya Tape Holographic

Amaya Tape Holographic

Coloured adhesive decoration tape for hoops or clubs. You will need to cover this tape with clear tape to enable it to stick correctly to the hoop/clubs.


Holographic tape gives the hoopa 'sparkly' effect when in use, great for throwing and catching. Hoop tape also adds extra grip.


Tape come in a roll, it appears small (as it does not have backing tape) however there is enough to cover one hoop. Tap is slightly different finish to the image.


Tape is thin and flexible, so easy to tape the hoop. 

We recommend for durabilty that you cover the hoop with clear tape, to ensure the coloured tape lasts during training and competition. 

  • Width: 20mm Length: 14m
£5.00 Regular Price
£4.00Sale Price

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