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Indigo Red-Pink Snake SkinTape

Indigo Red-Pink Snake SkinTape

SNAKE INDIGO self-adhesive hoop tape is used to protect against various damages and, most importantly, for decoration.


One roll is enough to wrap a ring with a diameter of 90 cm.


The tape is bright and its brightness in the light, In our store there is a large selection of colors, where you can find exactly the color that will match the leotard.


You will need to cover this tape with clear tape to enable it to stick correctly to the hoop/clubs.


Hoop tape also adds extra grip.


Tape comes on a roll and has a backing tape. You need to remove this to reveal the sticky side to tape your apparatus. We advise you cover the hoop with clear tape, to ensure the tape doesn't 'lift' from the hoop, and remains in place.

  • Width: 20mm Length: 14m
Color: Pink-Red

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