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Welcome to I Love RG

I literally LOVE Rhythmic Gymnastics!

Ever since I first became involved in Rhythmic I have loved it. It is a tricky sport, you can argue the most difficult of all sports. However, that's what makes it fun, enjoyable and addictive. Raising your ambition, attempting to reach a goal and the adrenaline of preforming.

Rhythmic gymnastics combines the 5 hand apparatus is Rope, Hoop, Ball, Clubs and Ribbon, with traditional gymnastics skills, such as cartwheels and handstands, with music. It requires gymnasts to have great physical qualities such as flexibility, strength, coordination, agility, grace and stamina. However this is not enough, rhythmic gymnasts have to be versatile, resilient, a performer, whilst also clever and quick thinkers.

But.... this is what makes RG so fantastic not only to watch, but to perform and to coach.

My plan is to create blogs to help and support every gymnast, parent and coach out there. I will be starting with a series of blogs ' The 5 ......' (wait and see what comes next!)

In the meantime, I wish every gymnast, parent and coach a fantastic experience, and remember to enjoy the ride!

Sarah ❤

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