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Hoop Venturelli for Espoir (8-12 Years) NON FIG

Hoop Venturelli for Espoir (8-12 Years) NON FIG

Hoops Venturelli for Rhythmic Gymnastics NON-FIG approved. Note: All hoops of this size are NON-FIG, as Espoir age is not recignised. (Only Junior and Senior hoops are FIG approved). 


This is a professional hoop constructed in the same materials and process as the FIG hoop, allowing the younger gymnast to learn skills correctly before developing to Junior and Senior Age groups.


Suitable for Junior and Younger gymnasts, who are competing in competitions up to National. Hoops are plain ready for tape to suit gymnast.


Professional style hoop, made for smaller gymnasts. Hoops should be sized to the gymnast's height.


To find the correct size, measure the standing gymnast, from floor to hip, purchase a hoop with this diameter.


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