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Amaya Clubs 36cm - Black / Purple

Amaya Clubs 36cm - Black / Purple

These clubs are suitable for gymnasts, up to and including, Under 12 (Espoir) age group in the UK, at all levels.


As the gymnast move to the Junior (and Senior) age group, they progress to 41.5cm or 45cm length of clubs, which for higher level competitions also need to be FIG approved.


  • Sold as a set of 2 clubs.
  • Each pair comes with their own FREE carry bag, to keep them clean and in good condition.
  • Bicomponent, neck is hard thermoplastic, body is soft technorubber
  • Linkable clubs


These clubs are fantastic and are made of the same high quality materials as the Junior/Senior Clubs, enablingthe gymnast to have the best possibilty to their learn skills effectively. 


Innovative material created in AMAYA Sport factory in Spain.


It is much more flexible and abrasion-resistant than ordinary rubber providing a high-end quality product. Manufactured in coinjection, with rigid thermoplastic in the heads and necks clubs to add strength and skill, and soft technorubber body.



  • Length: 36cm 

Color: Black Neck / Baby Pink Body

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