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Multi-Colour - Hoop Taping Service

Multi-Colour - Hoop Taping Service

Hoop taping service available on hoops and tapes bought from I Love RG. 


Hoop taping can be tricky to master, so why not let us take the stress out of it for you? 


Hoops taped professionally and ready for competition with the required FIG logo visable for judges.


Hoop taping adds not only colour, many gymnasts choose a colour to match their leotard and music, but taping also adds grip. 


Grip and weight, grip to ensure your gymnast can perform the skills correctly and wight to ensure the hoop meets the weight requirements.


We can tape any hoop in a plain colour and cover with clear tape for durability and longevity of your hoop tape. 


We recommend you store your hoop in a hoop cover and strictly use on an RG carpet only.


Simply follow these steps:

  • Order your hoop (you must purchase your hoop additionally to the hoop taping service)
  • Select and order your coloured hoop tape (two or more)
  • Please add 1 x clear tape to your order
  • Select the taping service
  • Please allow an additional 7 days for dispatch
  • Your hoop will arrive with you taped and ready for training. 
  • Add a note to your order about the design
  • We also recommend you buy a hoop cover to prevent your taping getting worn when travelling to and from the gym


Design for colours:

For best effects please order contrasting colours! 

  • Half  / half 
  • Thirds (3 colours)
  • Quarters (2 colours or 4 colours)
  • Solid colour with second colour as a line internal circumfrence
  • Solidy colour with second colour 'spiralled' around, gaps between
  • Your own design


Please allow up to an additional 7 days for your hoop to be dispatched.


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