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Venturelli Silver Line Ball - Neon Yellow

Venturelli Silver Line Ball - Neon Yellow

Rg balls Elite and Competitive ball. 


FIG ball approved up to International Level.

Ball is great, soft touch ball, easy to use, looks great on the floor.

RG ball Silver Line.

Soft rubber material for a perfect touch and handling.

Diameter Ø 18 (-20) centimeter.

Weight 400 grams and above.


Certification NON-TOXIC R.E.A.C.H. (EU) - CPSIA (USA-CANADA).


The valve is guaranteed for longlife and it is interchangeable.

Made in Italy

F.I.G. approved.F.I.G. ID. 626


  • Diameter: 18-20cm Weight: 400g min

Color: Neon Yellow

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